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Ravenloft Reincarnated: The Shadow Fallen

Welcome to Ravenloft Reincarnated: The Shadow Fallen, a campaign using the Savage Worlds Deluxe Edition rules. This game is intended to offer a new and alternate take on the classic Ravenloft campaign setting, with rules better suited to capture the gothic-action feel of the Hammer horror films, classic Universal monster movies, and modern horror alike.

Long-time fans of the setting will find many familiar things—and quite a few different ones. The shape of the world has been altered to diminish the “potluck” feel of the original campaign setting, as well as to highlight the types of horror present in each region of the world. As well, many darklords, domains, and peoples have been changed from their original versions in order to build a milieu that is more welcoming to modern gamers without losing tough with the terror of the setting.

Doors to the Unknown

Beyond the Pale: Outside Resources

Main Page

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